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Network Antenna Wire 18.8 cm

Network Antenna Wire 18.8 cm
Network Antenna Wire 18.8 cm
Network Antenna Wire 18.8 cm
Network Antenna Wire 18.8 cm
Network Antenna Wire 18.8 cm

 Perfect replacement for the original parts. 

→ Replace the old, broken, cracked, damaged part with our brand new parts which is compatible to your model.

→ Please make sure to choose right part and check the model number correctly before order.

→ All the parts are tested before being shipped.

→ The replacement should be carried out under technical supervision to avoid any damages. 

→ The images provided as the Product images are only for illustrative purpose and may differ from the actual product. But product received will be fully compatible with the model.

→ We provide all kinds of mobile phone parts. Top quality spare parts for all smart phone brands Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, iPhone, Realme, Nokia, Honor, Xiaomi Redmi MI, Lava, Itel etc.

→ Check out more products for item details.

Please refer the below installation steps before replacement:

  • Test before installation.
  • Check for the power supply.
  • Test the item with the motherboard before completely fixing it.


  • Premium quality spare parts
  • 100% working and Tested
  • Easy to replace
  • Check your model number before order
  • Professional installation recommendation

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  • Model: Network Wire 18.8
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