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SUNSHINE DT-9205E digital multimeter

SUNSHINE DT-9205E digital multimeter
SUNSHINE DT-9205E digital multimeter

SUNSHINE DT-9205E digital multimeter is easy for operating, accurate readings, full-featured, compact, easy to carry. Pocket-type battery power to do large-screen LCD digital multimeter for engineering design, laboratory, pilot production, factory affairs, field operations and industrial maintenance applications.

The multimeter has the following main features:
1. CMOS integrated circuit. Double integral principle of A / D conversion, automatic zero, auto polarity selection, over range indication.

2. When the line through a short beep sound tests are shown dike

3. The new SUNSHINE DT-9205E digital multimeter, the appearance of new, more in line with international safety standards. Adds automatic shutdown, beep sound Japanese configuration in line with international standard test leads.

This multimeter has the following characteristics:

1, CMOS integrated circuits, principles of double integral A / D conversion, automatic zero, auto polarity selection, over range indication.
2. LCD screen with high contrast 70 × 40-mm screen, word up to 25 mm. Required by the viewing position, the display screen can be visual angle of about 70 °, in order to obtain the best effect was observed.
3, with automatic shutdown, about 25 minutes after the power is automatically cut off power to prevent the meter off after use forgotten power. Repeat power switch operation, we can continue to boot.
4, the new optimized design of highly reliable range / function rotary switch structure. Use 32 stalls, more effectively avoid misuse, attention to maintenance.

Functions and features Range Accuracy
DC voltage 200mV-1000V ± (0.5% + 1)
AC voltage 2V-750V ± (0.8% + 3)
DC current 2mA-20A ± (0.8% + 1)
AC current 2mA-20A ± (1% + 3)
Resistance 200Ω-20MΩ ± (2.5% + 3)
Capacitance 2nF-200μF (via COM MA hole measurements directly to the capacitor pin inserted to test.)
Crystal diode tests
Diode test is
Beep is turned on
Automatic shutdown is
Power 9V, 6F22
Maximum Display 1999

Size: 31.5*91*189mm

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